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What is ELEOTIN®
ELEOTIN® is a safe health food that restores the body's own ability to control blood glucose levels.

ELEOTIN® gently helps to control blood glucose levels not only temporarily, but also results in long term permanent or semi-permanent molecular level changes.
ELEOTIN® helps to regenerate the insulin receptors of muscle or liver cells. It also helps to regenerate the insulin producing ß (beta) cells in the pancreas. These two molecular level changes improve insulin production and binding, and therefore assist the body to control blood glucose levels independently. These changes, in turn, assist the body to recover glucose metabolism normalcy.

ELEOTIN® usage may then be diminished or eliminated as the body restores its own ability to control blood glucose levels.

ELEOTIN® can lead to the reduction and possible total elimination for dependency on synthetic medication and insulin injections to control glucose levels.

It is an all-natural, safe, and gentle herbal product with no harmful side effects.
How ELEOTIN® works
  • ELEOTIN® assists in the digestive process by providing natural substances that restore the balance among digestive enzymes. Also, ELEOTIN® provides rich, natural fibers that help with the digestive process. Medical doctors would say ELEOTIN® assists to "inhibit the breakdown of carbohydrates through alpha glucohydrolase." However, please do remember that ELEOTIN® controls the rate of digestion of carbohydrates so that a sudden rise of blood sugar is minimized.
  • ELEOTIN® stimulates and restores the basic health of the pancreas . It increases the healthy regeneration of ß (beta) cells in the pancreas and increases the secretion of insulin from the pancreas
  • ELEOTIN® improves the functioning of insulin receptors . It up-regulates or improves the activity levels of insulin receptors in muscle and liver cells. Thus, ELEOTIN® stimulates the binding between insulin and the insulin receptors. Simply put, ELEOTIN® improves the efficiency with which the body uses the insulin.
  • ELEOTIN® reduces insulin resistance by safely restoring the functionality of the insulin receptors. This is a striking feature which only ELEOTIN® possesses and which no other health food or drug has demonstrated without any side effects. Recently, there appeared a couple of drugs that claimed to reduce insulin resistance. But, after a startling number of patients who used these drugs died of liver failure, it was found that they had known these problems before they marketed this product. However, they went ahead anyway with full knowledge of such problems. Why? There are three answers: stock price, stock price, stock price. At the news of the FDA approval of this drug, their stock price shot up, generating more than $10 billion.
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